Natural Swimming Pool

what can be more beautiful than a natural swimming pool in the middle of the yard.

When we came to this farm, there was already an old pool, covered with blue tiles and made the conventional way hence needed heavy chemicals to keep the water clean. Obviously, having a conventional pool within our sustainable farm did not feel right, so there was a necessity for adjustments in order to integrate it – visually and functionally – into our ecological project.

After the reforms we can proudly say that Projeto MAARA has an ecological swimming pool in its yard. And these are the benefits:

  • there is no still standing water since it can follow its natural flow – entering by a small waterfall, passing the natural filtration and leaving further to a fish pond
  • the water filtration occurs via gravel and aquatic plants, which are placed in purposely built beds along the pool sides. Like this there are no chemicals nor additional energy needed to keep the water clean
  • the finishing with natural stones and plants makes the pool visually integrated into the natural environment
  • with its different depth levels, the pool becomes a save environment not only for our kids, but also for animals and birds which, otherwise, would risk their lives when not being able to get out by themselves
  • it is another completed transformation project, where something conventional becomes ecological and sustainable.

Now just wait for the aquatic plants to grow and turn this pool into a new mini-ecosystem within our Projeto MAARA