What is MAARA…?

This project unites our ideas and believes about sustainability and every task within the project is driven by a vision to make this world a little better. So, for this meaningful idea we needed a meaningful title and after some time of search and research, we finally found the perfect name that sums up our true dedication to this piece of earth.

 MAARA is referred to Māra, the Mother Earth in Latvian mythology. She is the goddess who was responsible for the birth of the land, the waters, and every living thing. In ancient Latvian mythology, Māra was not just the mother of all the gods, she was the creator – the most powerful deity.

Latvian mythology is rich of meaningful symbols which as decorative elements are integrated allover our project, energizing this place with prosperity, fertility and good vibes.


The name MAARA was chosen because of the Latvian roots of Dace. Latvian culture and traditions always have been deeply connected with natural forces and pagane spirituality. 

The meaning of MAARA quite accurately features our intention of this project – to live in harmony with nature, to protect and preserve, and develop a balanced and healthy ‘giving and taking’ relationship with the environment.