Projeto MAARA is a beautiful, diverse and well-maintained place for you to host small events or to participate in one of the events or courses we organize. We can offer a following structure:

  • covered space with dining area, seating possibilities and pizza oven,
  • lots of green areas to play games or simply enjoy,
  • outdoor WC,
  • electricity, water and internet,
  • projector and a blackboard for notes and drawings,
  • natural swimming pool, waterfall, river pools and lots of nature around

Children birthday

This is an absolutely beautiful, natural and save place to celebrate your child`s birthday here at MAARA. With plenty of space for the kids to run and climb, play ‘hide and seek’ or soccer, jump on the trampoline or into the natural swimming pool, this is the best setting to truly be in touch with your friends and nature.

While children enjoy the games, the parents are free to explore the surroundings, learn more about our ecological project, and gather ideas for their own home. Enjoying a chat on a picnic-cloth or in a hammock, surrounded by mountains and lush nature, and watching your kids having a good time will surely give a great time to the parents, too.


The mountainous rural surroundings, no urban illumination and clear winter sky is the perfect occasion to experience the magic of the cosmos firsthand at a breathtaking star-watching event.
Our first encounter was led by professor of astronomy and head of the local astronomy club Reinaldo Ivanicska, eager to share his knowledge and passion for the cosmos. This special event was enriched by a wide selection of delicious soups and broths.
With the help of telescopes and the knowledgeable guides we embarked on a journey through the night sky – the Moon, the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, our neighbors Mars and Venus appeared so big and detailed. The constellations seemed to come alive, and we learned to connect the dots in the sky, tracing the mythological stories they represented. The Milky Way, that luminous band of countless stars, stretched across the firmament like a river of light.
The universe is vast beyond imagination, and our tiny planet is but a speck in the grand cosmos, and still it felt like we were part of something greater, something timeless.

These examples of events are just a glimpse into possibilities we can offer here at fazenda MAARA. Please, tell us your ideas and conceptions, and together we can construct a truly special and unique event, aligned with your necessities and possibilities.