We are a young family – Robert, Dace, Leo and Nora – and in the beginning of 2020, we left the city life behind to start an ecological self-experiment on the countryside in Brazil. Without having much of previous experience in non-urban living, we jumped into this adventure by buying 30 hectares of land with forests, waterfalls and grazelands, surrounded by the mountain stretches of the National Park of Três Picos, close to Nova Friburgo in Rio de Janeiro state.

We didn’t know much about living and working on the countryside, but we knew that we wanted to live ecologically and socially more sustainable, searching to create a more balanced and meaningful life, connected to nature and community. Permaculture principles became our main path to follow and to learn from. Since then we literally daily gain new skills and build new connections and – the more we learn, the more we realize how much more is there to be learned.

Our goal is to become a reference and permaculture playground for similar minded people. We want to learn together with others and to share our experience, to produce our own food and enrich the fertility, productivity and biodiversity of the land, to learn to live in harmony and respect with nature and the community around us.