A new task and challenge for us is the upcoming bioconstruction project. 

First idea was to build something special and unusual in a style of a hobbit house, partly covered by soil and plants, and integrated into the hillside. But having these stunning views around would be a pity to keep the windows small and ceilings low – as in a real hobbit house. So, we modified the first ideas and thought of something completely out of the box, combining the cozy elements of a hobbit house with modern, open spaces and big windows. 

The main materials for the house construction will be stone, wood and clay right from the construction site for walls built in hiperadobe technique. Oversized round windows in the bedrooms will make one feel like sleeping in the middle of the forest and the open kitchen/living area with a fireplace and complete glass front revealing a view to the waterfall will be something extraordinary and unique in this region. The bathroom will be integrated within a tower where the upper opening will be a window with a view towards the sky.

When seeing the sketches and first digital drawings, the excitement grows even bigger and the impatience to finally start with building gets almost unbearable. In august the first stone will be laid and hopefully we will get enough helping hands to see the result soon.