Festa Junina

I guess Festa Junina is the most beautiful and typical Brazilian festivity and here on the countryside it gets another, even deeper meaning. Brought to Brazil by the Portuguese, it has many features of the European Midsummer feast like large bonfire, circular dances, typical food, and others. The festivity celebrates good harvest conditions and is a way to show gratitude for past rainy season which the Catholics have adapted to celebrate their saints Anthonio, John and Peter. But here at MAARA it got another meaning.

For us this festivity becomes a beautiful tradition here at MAARA and this year for the third time we invited friends and neighbours to celebrate with us. Living on the country side may sometimes feel quite isolated and distant, and the closest neighbours, even knowing about each other, don’t really get to an opportunity to talk. So, this feast was about meeting each other, chatting and laughing, drinking and eating together, dancing and having fun.

It was such a beautiful day and like this, Festa Junina qualifies as a real permaculture festival, bringing together people and joy.