agroforest of 3 years

Our agroforest is completing 3 years and becoming a real forest in all its beauty and diversity. 

During the last rainy season, the agroforest took all our focus and energy – it has increased in size and density, the amount of diversity of plants of all strata and functionalities has grown immensely and most importantly – along with its regenerative purpose (by improving soil quality, naturally enriching nutrient saturation and increasing biodiversity), the agroforest has gained an additional commercial purpose for the future by receiving around 800 coffee plants. Additionally, alone in this season, there were about 2500 other trees planted (fruit trees, service trees, wood and ornamental trees), of which one part is registered in global carbon credit market. 

Especially in the last months we have learned that the agroforest has certainly more than the one agroecological purpose. By working hard to grow this agroforest, we grew ourselves – by being in constant contact with the earth, by observing and connecting, by making mistakes and learning, by teaching others and exchanging. The immense energy of this place has repetitively reassured that we all are connected – and in the last months this conclusion has been present more than ever.