bio-construction toilet

Receiving school groups for our eco-pedagogic projects and hosting different events here at MAARA, there was an urgent necessity to build an outdoor toilet. So, we started to plan and design by putting down some important points:

  • it should be built in bioconstruction way with possibly maximal use of natural and local materials
  • it should be located not too central, but also not too far from the main houses
  • it should be connected with the already existing ecological sewage system
  • it should be visually integrated into the natural environment of MAARA

For the walls we chose to use a technique of Wattle & Daub, which require a structural frame made of intertwined bamboo and then gets filled with an earthen mixture of clay, sand, straw and water. For the foundation we used large size crushed stones to give the construction a more rustic look. Where possible, we were reusing material that was left over from other construction sites (like the floor tiles) or bought second-hand like the round window. The final waterproof layer for the walls was given by using the ‘Margarida mix’ created by our in bioconstruction experienced neighbours from EcoCaminhos, but the love we put in each detail is just an essential part of everything we do in our permaculture project.

I must say, the result is just stunning, absolutely ecological and a beautifully functional and decorative upgrading of Projeto MAARA.