We are dedicated to transform a conventional farm
into an ecological sanctuary for nature, animals
and people to thrive.

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This green project is a real hands-on experiment for us and
those who want to participate. Together everything is possible.

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To learn

There are many ways you can gather knowledge, but the best is to get your hands dirty and to learn by doing – learn about agroforestry, organic gardening, bioconstruction and permaculture. Learn to observe and to care, and to understand the connections in the nature and within yourself.

To enjoy

Projeto MAARA is a truly beautiful and diverse place to feel the closeness to nature by enjoying walking trails, stunning waterfalls and river pools, lush agroforest and organic garden, swings and hammocks, a natural pool in the middle of the yard and plenty of green loans will all make you feel welcome. You can experience this peaceful and relaxing rural environment in various forms.
Make your choice and be our guest at Projeto MAARA.


party time

party time

One day, a friend of mine asked me if I would mind hosting a birthday party of her son here at MAARA. What first came as a spontaneous idea, turned out a very special birthday party and a new possibility for others who would like to celebrate in a very different...

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Easter eggs

Easter eggs

Easter is a wonderful moment to meet with family and friends and by bringing a beautiful Latvian Easter tradition to MAARA, this get-together has become an artful afternoon full of laughter and joy. Today we were “painting” Easter eggs with flowers, leaves and onion...

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